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Italy A Beautiful Country

Italy has never ceased to captivate people from other countries, especially speakers of English, often the newcomer begins to see Italy as a new kind of home and looks for ways to stay longer or permanently. Although Italians have much to be proud of, they are not snobs. They are gracious and forgiving of foreigners' errors and eccentricities, one of their outstanding virtues is that they understand what it means to be human.

The language is not difficult, and besides, Italians communicate with gestures and facial expressions more than with words. They touch more than people from elsewhere. While other peoples learn to hide emotions, Italians express them openly Italians are always putting on a show, that they regard life itself as a work of art. Flattery is commonplace: the tailor admires your figure; the dentist, your teeth. Polite lies are just as common. The cobbler tells you that your shoes will be ready on Thursday because he wants you to go away content.

Italians do not want to be seen as average; everyone wants to be exceptional or at least to show that he has connections. Wealth and power eluded Italians for centuries, both as individuals and as a nation, so they created the next best thing: illusion. "To put up a show," Barzini concludes, is to "face life's injustices with one of the few weapons available to a desperate and brave people, their imagination."

Historically, good times have never lasted long in Italy, with the result that people are wary and skeptical, unwilling to trust anyone who is entirely unknown. Often, too, they crave a steady job and a stable family, a life without threat or fear. Hence, the bureaucracy and the many jobs it provides.

Good manners count here, a 16th-century Italian wrote the first book on manners, which the British quickly adopted. They mention, too, that upon meeting someone new, Italians quickly assess their social class. People shake hands when arriving and leaving, women kiss on both cheeks, and men who know each other well may embrace and slap each other on the back. Don't use first names until invited to do so. Start paying attention to gestures; they have specific meanings.

Italians appreciate quality. When selecting a gift, choose the best quality you can and don't be concerned if the gift is small. Because people here are generally warm and open, the best way to start making social or business connections is through networking. If you join clubs and get involved in group activities, invitations should start coming your way.

Italy has it all: popes, painters, polenta, paramours, poets, political puerility and potentates. Its dreamy light and sumptuous landscapes seem made for romance, and its three millennia of history, culture and cuisine seduces just about everyone. You can visit Roman ruins, gawk at Renaissance art, stay in tiny medieval hill towns, go skiing in the Alps, explore the canals of Venice and gaze at beautiful churches. Naturally you can also indulge in the pleasures of good food, good wine and improving your wardrobe.

Stylish, cultured, good-humored and volatile - Italy, with its golden light, stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, has inspired poets and painters for centuries. Perhaps more than any other country, it has influenced the course of European development, particularly in culture and political thought.

Today, besides the renowned cities of Venice, Florence, Siena and Naples, each with its own unique identity and architecture, Italy features romantic medieval hill towns, such as San Gimignano in Tuscany, and unspoilt fishing villages, like Positano on the Amalfi coast. Operatic productions are staged in Verona's ancient amphitheatre, while the influence of Federico Fellini is celebrated in Turin's museum of cinema.

Throughout the country visitors can find vineyards and cellars to taste fine regional wines, workshops where crafts are produced by hand, and friendly trattorie where simple but superb dishes are served.

This sophisticated society left a rich architectural legacy - Rome is still dominated by buildings like the mighty Colosseum also it produced artists such as Fra Angelico, Raphael, Botticelli, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, whose works take pride of place in Italy's galleries.

Italy combines art, history and contemporary fashion with stunning natural landscapes: the turquoise waters of Sardinia's Costa Smeralda offer one of Europe's most beautiful stretches of sand, sea and sunshine, while the snow-covered slopes of the Dolomite mountains are a haven for winter sports enthusiasts

When considering a visit to any of these exquisite destination, accommodation is high on the priority list and the alternative to high rise hotels and resorts would be the intimacy and privacy of a private vacation apartment, home or Villa. Select A Property has a collection of luxury and exclusive residences in prime locations that offer swimming pools and whirlpool spas, magnificent views, located in close proximity to downtown, dining, shopping, nightlife and golfing and other local attractions.

Select A Property was founded in 2004 to provide exceptional experiences for guests in a collection of luxury residences in sought-after destinations. With over 30 years of experience in hospitality and worldwide hotel & property management, Select a Property represents only the best in private, 5-star vacation rentals.

Select A Property strives to create great vacation memories with their anytime, anywhere commitment from their staff and concierge service.

Select A Property provides exceptional experiences for guests at Puerto Vallarta Luxury Homes, Palm Springs Vacation Rentals and Italy Villas and also Luxury Sailing Yachts & Motor Charter. Select a Property represents only the best in private, 5-star vacation rentals.

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